What better way to start this site than with my own animals including some that have crossed my path and have touched my heart. Not only do I adore animals but my love extends to photography as well. This said, it may be obvious that I would have plenty of pictures of my own to share. Animals are usually my number one subject and I tend to catch some pretty good shots. Enjoy them.

While visiting my Dad in Florida I was extremely surprised to find out he had 4 adorable kittens at his home. They didn’t even have names yet, so I was lucky enough to name them as well. My Dad has this bar outside with an overhang and these kittens loved laying on the bar during the hot summer days. I got some great pictures of them lounging on this bar. Check it out:

All the kittens together:

All the kittens sleeping on the bar

Here is Black kitten sleeping:

Black kitten sleeping

Ink kitten sleeping:

Ink Kitten Sleeping

Combat kitten sleeping:

Combat Kitten Sleeping

Flip kitten sleeping:

Flip Kitten Sleeping

This one is the same picture above but without being cropped. If you look closely, the book behind Flip kitten is Meditation for Young People. This was not a planned picture… it just happened to be there. I was a little wierded out that my Dad even owned a book like that.

Meditation for Young People

Meano Cat is the Daddy Cat to all these kittens. He was super friendly and loved to talk.

Meano Cat

Combat kitten and one of the other kittens playing… roughly.

Combat fighting