Triple R Pets LogoTriple RPets stands for Rescue, Relocate and Reunite. This agency does exactly that for pets in need after any kind of crisis situation and they work across the country to do this. The group was former in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This group has spread nationwide where they have formed shelters, support groups, foster care, donations, transportation and supplies. Their website includes adoptable pets through the petfinder search engine, a way to donate to the cause (even available through online payment), a page full of pets that have already been adopted to loving homes. This is not all… there is even a link for information on how to ready your own pets for a disaster situation as well as many other things such as links, news and ways to volunteer. I highly recommend you check them out and take the time to do whatever you can for this organization. They have already done so much for animals all over the country and are ready to help many more.

To contact Triple R Pets:

Phone: 708.738.1438
Email: info
Or visit their website for all the information listed above AND more at