Adorablay welcomes you to the very first post. Seeing as this site is completely brand new, it may be some time before it will have enough media to make you smile. In the hopes of the future, I want not only there to be plenty of media to browse through but also animal related news, photo/video contests, an array of animal related links as well as lists and links of community service and how you can help animals in many different ways. This is getting ahead of myself, but those are goals I intend to keep and shoot for. Since this is brand new, I am open to suggestions of any kind as well as any user submitted material. If you would like to contribute any media that you have taken yourself (please no media off the Internet… unless it’s a suggestion) then you can send it to, I will give credit to your media (please send credit information and any description you want added in your e-mail). Enjoy the site and I look forward to the future of Adorablay!