I know my blog is about cuddly, cute, adorable animals but when those animals become victim to horrible deaths, I can’t let this go unnoticed. I not only want to brighten someones day with pictures, videos and stories of the cute and adorable but also to inform people of animals in the news, how to help them and to know what’s going on in the “animal world”. Sometimes this comes with hard to hear news, like this bombing in the Baghdad pet market. What annoys me the most was the fact that when I first read about it, there were death and injury tolls of people but hardly anything was said about the animals involved. I am not trying to say anything here about whose life is more important, but I do believe it would do some good if people were aware that humans are not the only victims of war. Here is a news article from CBS about the bombing (and after reading it, you will see what I mean).

After looking into the story a bit, I found some videos I would have rather not watched from the war regarding animals. It may have not had anything to do with this particular case but I started to realize how much the animals were suffering due to this war… something I didn’t even think about (being a huge animal lover). In the videos you will find animal cruelty to a huge degree. One shows an American soldier throwing stones at an injured dog just for fun. Another shows live donkey being fed to a lion with many onlookers (this in a Baghdad zoo). Thinking about these videos, I realized that the animals the were in the Pet Market were probably just left there (especially if they weren’t even mentioned in any of the articles). Doesn’t anyone care? Are there no reporters who have a soft spot for animals?

This said, it is up to you if you would like to view these videos I have mentioned. I am not placing them on the blog directly due to the content. It is not easy to watch, I warn you. I don’t recommend it, but if anything… if it brings enlightenment so be it. It should be known they are victims of cruelty just as much as people are over there. I hope something can be done about this.

This video reminded me of Gladiator times with the lion… it’s so awful… particularly the audience cheering in the background and with comments like “this is f*ckn awesome”, shame on them!!!:


These soldiers torturing an injured dog is just plain sadistic. I can’t believe my eyes.