I guess it’s time to post some of my animal pictures I have with yours truly (Amber, yes that’s my name). All these photos were taken from a camera phone unfortunately and I did my best doctoring them up in photoshop (honestly didn’t make very much of a difference).

Tag kitten is the one I am cuddled up with and he is my roomates cat (I plan on stealing him when I move out.. shh, don’t tell my roomate!) He sleeps and cuddles with me all the time. And yes, he is the cat that chases his tail like a pro.


This is me in Florida with the kittens… they were so cuddly and playful. I wish I could have taken them with me to Connecticut but I guess I can visit them when I want since my Dad kept all of them.


This is my boyfriends cat Peeper (the star of my blog since he is all over my blog header!) This is how he sleeps 50% of the time (directly on his face… and NO I am not joking). He has a forehead/head fetish I think because not only does he sleep on his face but he loves to head butt you for attention. My boyfriend has called him “eggplant” because of the shape he makes when he sleeps like this.