I have decided to enter a contest that is being hosted by engtech on wordpress. The contest information is posted here in case you are interested. Basically the question that needs to be answered is: Why I started this blog. I wanted to participate not only because of the prizes (free credits on wordpress) but also because I want my readers to know how dedicated I am and how much I care about what I write.

So here goes nothing:

Why I Started Adorablay Animals: By Amber Ostheimer

I have always liked blogging and have done so for over 8 years. This is not to say that I am a genus blogger but I believe if you like blogging it shows. Many bloggers are aspiring writers, or even published. I am not one of these people. Although I did very well in all English classes, I never had the talent for it like some do. I enjoy it but that is as far as it goes. I am an artist in many ways; photography, graphic design, drawing and more but alas have no drive to become a professional writer. Although my talent may be lacking, when I first started blogging it was something I enjoyed. This was strange because I never enjoyed writing papers for class and things like that. I think the enjoyment came from “no expectations”, there wasn’t someone grading me or looking at my writing from a literary stance. I was writing about things I liked, loved, things that happened in my life, my thoughts on issues but not forced to write about some topic given to me by a teacher.

After I moved onto blogging about things I had found on the Internet (in a previous blog on myspace) and I got great feedback from it. I loved that people would read what I wrote and they would come back for more. I had a following of sorts. I had a knack for finding things on the Internet that were interesting and blogging about them. I know that doesn’t sound very professional but as I said before, I have never done this for fame or literary value. About two weeks ago I got the idea to start anew with a blog on a specific topic. It didn’t take me long to pick animals because I am obsessed with them. For example, any time I go to someones house, I give more attention to their pet than to the person who invited me over. Yes, it seems rude but I can’t help it. Sometimes I think I love animals more the people even though sometimes I think that this thought is very silly, I am torn.

With a topic at hand, I started this blog. Adorablay comes from the word “adorable” and was the way my boyfriend pronounced it (he was being silly, he does know how to pronounce the real word). I loved the sound of the word and it instantly came to mind when I thought of names for the blog. I think it fits nicely. I started the blog about a week ago and already I have had not only great success with hits but with finding people who love animals as much as me. WordPress is very impressive with their social network ability and with the easy to use interface. I was instantly impressed and knew that this would be something I could continue and do so with enjoyment. I have already gotten many responses to my posts that make me feel appreciated for taking up this task. I also have posted articles, links and news about animals in need. If I can make one person a month learn more about their own pet, adopt a pet, help any of the animal related community service links… I have done a good job and this will make me feel like I have made some kind of difference. Even if I can make someone smile with a funny, cute photo or video, I have touched someone that day and possibly have brightened their day. This is what makes me happy and why I am glad to have started this blog in the first place. I thank everyone who has become friends with me in such a short time and I am very grateful for all the support. Support the animals! Love the animals!