Blue Jellyfish Invade Australia’s Beaches

Huge amounts of toxic bluebottle jellyfish have turned Australia’s East Coast blue. It’s summer beach season for them and it’s been ruined by the sting. Last year over 30,000 were stung by these translucent jellies, and this year there have already been reported around 1,200 stings, a bunch needed hospitalization. A wind shift has been the cause for the new arrivals as well as the growth of the population of these jellyfish due to the warming of the ocean waters. This is happening in many places with other types of jellyfish as well because of the environmental changes. Jellyfish have been around for over 600 years and have the easy ability to adapt to the changing conditions for their survival. This won’t be stopping anytime soon and the beach seasons may be up for some hard challenges in keeping the beaches safe from these stingers.

Does anyone else think they look like mini blue dinosaurs?