I just stumbled upon this article about long-tailed macaque monkeys in Singapore causing havoc. Basically they roam the streets in groups of 20 and ransack houses – taking food, opening cupboards, overturning trash bins and pissing on the rug. It’s not even just houses anymore… Out for a game of golf, did you pack a lunch? Consider it gone if these packs of monkey’s come around. Nowhere seems safe anymore. Lock those doors and fear the monkey’s wrath! According to an article about these incidents: “It’s not that they want to attack. They just think, if you have the food, why don’t you share it? Why are you eating and not sharing? Can I have some? They cross the line.”

Here is a video of a monkey in a Singapore parking lot stealing an apple:

Here is another video of a monkey in Singapore AGAIN stealing and eating someone’s food. It’s crazy to see.