Looks like everyone is hurting from the economy, even animal rescue agencies. These agencies rely heavily on private donations and are struggling with an unprecedented increase in abandoned animals along with a drop in donations. Many shelters which spay and neuter feral cats, don’t have enough money to help out in the upcoming seasons.

“Donations are down at least 65 percent,” said Lisa Carter, director of the SPCA. “We’re having to think of drastic measures in order to stay afloat. It’s pretty grim. Because of the economy, we’re looking at having to rescue less. More and more people locally are being impacted by the economy.”

The rise in adandoned animals is not a shock. The mild autumn weather is extending the breeding in cats causing many second litters in a years time. Also, with families struggling financially, the cost of keeping a pet is too high causing less adoptions and an increase in animal abandonment.

If you would like to help out, please contact your local shelter and ask how. The Holidays are always the busiest time for them and help would be greatly appreciated.

To find a local shelter, please refer to www.Pets911.com and enter your zip code for a list.