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Looks like everyone is hurting from the economy, even animal rescue agencies. These agencies rely heavily on private donations and are struggling with an unprecedented increase in abandoned animals along with a drop in donations. Many shelters which spay and neuter feral cats, don’t have enough money to help out in the upcoming seasons.

“Donations are down at least 65 percent,” said Lisa Carter, director of the SPCA. “We’re having to think of drastic measures in order to stay afloat. It’s pretty grim. Because of the economy, we’re looking at having to rescue less. More and more people locally are being impacted by the economy.”

The rise in adandoned animals is not a shock. The mild autumn weather is extending the breeding in cats causing many second litters in a years time. Also, with families struggling financially, the cost of keeping a pet is too high causing less adoptions and an increase in animal abandonment.

If you would like to help out, please contact your local shelter and ask how. The Holidays are always the busiest time for them and help would be greatly appreciated.

To find a local shelter, please refer to and enter your zip code for a list.


I saw the article first in the paper I work for and wanted to blog about it. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to blogging much this past week and it’s been a bit. I still think it’s a great heartwarming story and should be told…

In Meriden, CT at the CT Humane Society… a mother cat who just gave birth to kittens adopted a 6 day old Rottweiler puppy that was abandoned by it’s mother. The pup is named Charlie. Charlie’s mother was found by the side of the road in Meriden a couple of months ago. She gave birth to two puppies, but one was stillborn. As sometimes happens with a stillborn in the litter, the mother refused to accept Charlie. “The kittens scrum up with him and the kittens treat him like one of their own,” Chorney said. “There’s a certain social benefit of small animals being with each other.” Volunteers are hoping that dog owners will volunteer their puppies to be Charlie’s playmates. “Dogs need to be with a litter of puppies, to learn to play with other dogs,” Chorney said. “He has to learn to be a well-socialized dog. Here is the Meriden Humane Society’s website. Also, here is the article about the whole situation.

And a photo:


And a video!

Here’s a terribly sad story that I am reluctant to bring to everyone’s attention. Unfortunatly I feel as if these pets who died should be mourned. At the Seminole County Animal Services building in Sanford, Florida a fire was started and the suspected cause of the blaze was a clothes dryer. Firefighters came to the rescue but couldn’t save all the animals in time. 32 cats and 7 dogs were killed. There were around 270 animals that survived and were treated on the scene and expected to live. It is sad to hear of this tragedy and all we can do is mourn for the lifes lost. Here is the article.

And here are some photos of the survivors…







I have always been interested in Sugar Gliders because they are so darn cute! So I decided to do an entry on them:

Sugar Gliders are small marsupials, which originate from New Guinea and Southern Australia. Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals and spend almost their entire live in trees. For more information about Sugar Gliders check out Wikipedia’s page on these adorable animals! I hear they make pretty good pets too. Here are some of the cutest Sugar Glider photo’s I found:




Through the years of reading, researching and caring for animals, I have come across many cases of what they call Animal Hoarding. Animal Hoarding is basically when a person becomes obsessed with animals (mostly common household pets like Dogs and Cats) and decides to adopt (rescue) an especially high number of them. As wonderful as adopting is, it becomes a problem when the house is overloaded with them to the point of uncleanliness. In most cases the animals are without enough food/water and some haven’t been properly up to date and cared for medically. This problem is very common unfortunatly and doesn’t seem to get enough attention. As sad as it is to see these animals living under such conditions, unfortunatly the owner is usually under the impression that they are doing nothing wrong, perhaps even feeling as if they are helping these animals. There has been developed a psychological condition for such people called Animal Hoarding/ers. According to Wikipedia: “Animal hoarding is a variant of obsessive-compulsive disorder rather than deliberate cruelty towards animals. Hoarding involves keeping higher than usual numbers of animals as pets without having the ability to properly house or care for them, while at the same time denying this inability. Hoarders are deeply attached to their pets and find it extremely difficult to let the pets go, since they cannot comprehend that they’re harming their pets by not providing the right environment and hygiene. Hoarders tend to believe that they provide the right amount of care for their pets.”

The ASPCA even has a unit that deals with Animal Hoarding cases and people. According to their website most cases they have come across have a sad ending where the animals taken out of the home are too old, sickly or unsociable to be adoptable and are more than likely euthanized. The best advice they give to someone who knows a hoarder and wants to help them and the animals they are hoarding is:

1. Try to convince the hoarder to accept help from the ASPCA Cares team. Animal hoarders are usually worried that these animals will not be returned to them but assure them that the ASPCA mobile clinic is parked outside their home for the entire length of the visit and that the animals will be returned after medical treatment and surgery.

2. Help the hoarder prepare the animals for the mobile clinic visit. On the night before, remove all food and water so that the animals do not eatbefore surgery. Gather cardboard or plastic carriers to contain the cats and enough leashes for dogs. Find a room that can be cleaned and ventilated so that the animals can recover there after surgery. On the morning of the mobile clinic visit, put the cats in individual carriers and leash all dogs in order to deliver them to the mobile clinic, which is usually parked in front of the hoarder’s home. In the afternoon after surgery, help the hoarder remove the animals from the clinic and return them to their recovery area.

3. Stay in touch with the hoarder to ensure that the animals are recovering from surgery. Help the hoarder with medical treatment of sick animals.

My hope in bringing this to attention is to get others to gain knowledge and understanding about this condition. It is something very common and more the likely could be happening right under your nose. Hopefully, the care needed for these animals and one suffering from this condition can be taken care of in the correct manner where everyone involves comes out for the better.

Triple R Pets LogoTriple RPets stands for Rescue, Relocate and Reunite. This agency does exactly that for pets in need after any kind of crisis situation and they work across the country to do this. The group was former in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This group has spread nationwide where they have formed shelters, support groups, foster care, donations, transportation and supplies. Their website includes adoptable pets through the petfinder search engine, a way to donate to the cause (even available through online payment), a page full of pets that have already been adopted to loving homes. This is not all… there is even a link for information on how to ready your own pets for a disaster situation as well as many other things such as links, news and ways to volunteer. I highly recommend you check them out and take the time to do whatever you can for this organization. They have already done so much for animals all over the country and are ready to help many more.

To contact Triple R Pets:

Phone: 708.738.1438
Email: info
Or visit their website for all the information listed above AND more at

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