I have decided to do a weekly posting about my life in general. As much as I love writing about animals, I sometimes feel like talking about other things (mostly what’s been happening in my life). Since I don’t feel like doing it all that often- Nor getting another blog for such matters, I have decided to post a weekly (don’t kill me if I skip a week or something) blog about my lifely matters.

So I shall start here and now. This past week was a busy one for me. Not only have I been having to deal with my poor cat and her leukemia but I have had an awful week of work. I worked much overtime and put a lot of my energy into it. I am feeling a bit tired but now am refreshed it is over and have some more down time with myself and my boyfriend. I started reading “Cell” by Stephen King (one of his new ones) and have almost finished it loving every word. It’s got a Zombie/End of the world feel to it (which I love in books/movies, basically any media). I highly recommend it. Also, I have been waiting to go snowboarding… it is finally been cold enough around here and we got a nice chunk of snow… alas this work week cut into my plans to go this past Sunday and I have to plan something this week/weekend hopefully (it was considerably warm today and I am afraid it will be like that tomorrow and melt all of the snow). So yeah, if it wasn’t for work… I may have more interesting things to tell but this is the way life goes… take it or leave it right? And since I am not suicidal… I shall take it. Enjoy the moments you have… I always try to at least. Have a great week everyone and take it easy… that IS something I plan to do this week for sure!